The iPad is my main computing device, I do all of my work on it, and I needed a case/keyboard that allowed me to do everything I needed without getting in the way, and for me the only option that seemed logical (no pun intended) was the Logitech Slim Comb; and after a solid month of using my iPad Pro 10.5” with the Logitech Slim Combo it is clear I made the right decision.

Why the Apple Smart Keyboard Wasn’t Enough

Originally I thought I could get by with just the Apple Smart Keyboard but alas the cons heavily outweighed the pros.

To give you and idea of what things I disliked about the Apple Smart Keyboard the only good thing this case had going for it was the portability of it and the weight of it. For me the keys were not fitting, the keyboard size is roughly the same size as the Slim Combo but the travel on it was marginal, the feel of the keys with the nylon-like fabric felt cheap and honestly it felt like I was using a knock-off keyboard you can find on Amazon for much less than the $159.99 the Smart Keyboard was asking for.

Now, if you are just wanting a keyboard to use that is thin, portable, and acceptable for the occasional writing spree you may have, they there is nothing wrong with the Smart Keyboard, but if you have any plans to do actual work on you iPad you are going to have to sacrifice weight and sleekness for some beefy additions, but for me they are so worth it.

Why I Like the Slim Combo…

Now, the pros of the Smart Keyboard are the cons I have for the Slim Combo. I am not sure if Logitech was just being ironic or they actually felt that anything about this case was “slim.” The case nearly doubled the thickness of the iPad and the case weighed more than the iPad itself (the total weight of the iPad with the case is a whopping 2.19 pounds which is about 995 grams).

Another nice touch is the Surface-like stand has the ability to open up to 70 degrees allowing you to rest your iPad in pretty much any viewing angle you please, including vertical for FaceTime or reading the news during breakfast. The case is primarily made out of plastic, but it in by no ways feels cheap. The hinges used for the kickstand are metal and are on a mechanism that allows for the swivel and its hinges to have some play for when you press on the screen and less than ideal surfaces. I in no way have had any worries about the kickstand failing or breaking in any way.

The Slim Combo is the only keyboard case for the iPad 10.5” with backlighting, which I never thought I wanted but after a month of using this thing it has come in handy on multiple occasions, especially if you are a night owl like me and have a significant other nearby you don’t want to wake with a bedroom light.

But backlighting isn’t what sold this keyboard for me, that honor goes to the keys themselves. The switches in this keyboard are very similar to the scissor-like switches you get in the Magic Keyboards, so if you have used a magic keyboard before, this will feel like home for you without any issues. On top of backlighting, this keyboard has another thing that the Smart Apple Keyboard doesn’t: dedicated shortcut keys. It still baffles me how Apple just decided not to add shortcut keys for things like media controls, volume, a home button alternative, and lock keys. All of which are on the Slim Combo, and more as well.


If you are someone who plans to use their iPad for any long writing sessions or as a daily device for getting stuff done then the Logitech Slim Combo is something you should consider. It isn’t the end-all-be-all keyboard case for your iPad but it absolute a top contender. If you have a chance to look at them in a box store I would try both the Slim Combo and the Apple Smart Keyboard and see which one feels nicer. For me it was an easy pick, and honestly the beat accessory I’ve ever purchased for my devices.

If you are interested in buying one, you can find it on Logitech’s website.